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2.4 Million people die each year in the United States.  Most families struggle with organization and direction after a loss.





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The sandwich generation reaching retirement age, puts additional demands on support organizations.





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See the Book Review section on how Through The Valley eases the needs of families after a loss.





Welcome to our Website

And thank you for being one of those uniquely compassionate people dedicated to helping others through their most difficult times.  We share your commitment to comfort the grieving and ease their path through this valley of life.

Through The Valley is a multi-purpose publication. 

  • When a loved one dies, the family is left with a range of emotions, a mountain of papers and in  unfamiliar territory.  This book is a step by step guide to the future.
  • Grief not only causes pain, it can cloud the mind and depress one's motivation.  Through The Valley lays out a path to follow throughout the settlement and provides organizational structure at a time when it usually is difficult to stay on course.
  • Peace and comfort  result from knowing what to expect and how to plan.
  • It reinforces the provider's high level of professional commitment to offer care that last far beyond immediate services. 
  • One of the most affective logoed marketing pieces, it encourages referrals and future service opportunities as the user and family view it daily for months through the settlement.
  • It is professionally used as a resource for numerous organizations such as Funeral Home aftercare, Grief Counseling education, Health Care family support, elder care encouragement - to name a few.
  • Through the Valley is the most significant condolence gift an individual can offer a friend.

We invite you to enjoy our website as you learn more about the unique distinction of the guidebook that is making a difference for so many people.  Review the comments of others and consider how it can help your associates.

It is in your power to be the solution.


When People are lost, we offer direction.

When they question, we provide answers.

When they hurt, we give solace.